About Us

I just wanted to make things.

Hey, my name is Chris, I started Grow Up Awesome in 2010, shortly after my second kid was born. I was going to school for graphic design at the time and was interested in making things using handmade methods. After using the computer too much, I was ready to step away. I tend to experiment when designing shirts doing things like hand cutting paper stencils, or trying to pump out a bunch of designs at once, just to get all the good, and bad ideas out of my head. 

I wanted something for my kids, myself and my wife to wear. An alternative to what you'd find in a big box store. Something with a hand made touch, printed by hand, manufactured ethically, in the USA or at the very least sweat-shop free. I want to know where my stuff is coming from.

Grow Up Awesome started as a side project, and stayed that way until the fall of 2015. Now it is more than that. I put my first shirt online to sell in 2010. I had taught myself to screen print in order to provide shirts cheaply to the bands I was working with on my teeny-tiny record label I was running at the time. Now, Grow Up Awesome has become one of my main creative outlets, a way to meet cool new people, and one of my main sources of income to support this large family of mine. I also work as a freelance Graphic Designer - if you need some help with that stuff let me know!

Come say "hey"

In 2015 I opened up a studio space called OPENco. in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I work out of there along with my wife Katie - she's a hair stylist and runs a mini-salon out of the studio called Sharp Corners

We like to have visitors and will soon have regular studio hours so you can pop in. 

OPEN co. 1539 Taylor Ave N #4, Grand Rapids, MI 49505

Questions? Send us an email